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Irina Saraeva

Some years ago grey-blue teddies from Me to You appeared on shop shelves of our city. I began to collect them, but later I found out that the quality of teddies worsened. They "lost their souls". And I made up my mind to look for teddies' on-line shop in World Wide Web... I found web-site "Dikki" with a galery of originally designed teddies. Moreover, there was an instruction to sew a unique teddy by oneself!!! according to pattern. Since childhood I've been fond of needlework: knitting, sewing, embroidery. In the same evening I cut out my first teddy. Due to my intuition and feelings Molchoon (Silent Teddy) was born. He was made from artificial fur, two buttons became his eyes. I stuffed him with a usual toy filling, not with a filling for one-of-a-kind-personalised teddy.

It was Molchoon thanks to whom I discovered a new world - The Teddy Bears World. I learned to  make patterns, to choose material, fabric, and what is more important - to create images.

In 2006 Teddy Vanyusha won the first prize in on-line  voting contest on web-site Melissa and the second prize according to Perm' Club "Teddy Bears ans Co" decision. Having graduated the Gemma Cadge's courses "Teddy's snout decoration" I made the originally created, constructed and sewed Teddy. When a teddy is sewed, he or she begins to live his or her personal life and give tips: what kind of nose to make, what kind of eyes to choose... It is very important to hear and listen to these tips!

At the moment I devote most of my spare time to teddy bears. You may have a look at all my results on a page "Works". All teddies are made from German mohair and stuffed with synthefluff or synthefluff with granulated material. Legs and paws, as well as heads, are movable. Most of my Teddies live in private collections.

For more information, please, contact:

Mrs.Saraeva Irina


Home phone: +7 (8332) 27-18-09

Cell phone: +7 (912) 820-02-01

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